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Just a tiny update, I felt like sharing them...
I hope you'll like something. Somehow textless this time :))

Super_stillness icontest - various seasons [6x]
5x15 - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid [6x]

5x15 screencaps by ina_ami @ true_fellings Thanks! ♥



"She was the love of my life. How many times do I got to kill her?..."Collapse )
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Hey there...long time no see, I know :/
I am back with mix of old icons (made weeks ago, maybe even months, lol) and ones from latest episode :D
I tried some new things (techniques etc...) so hopefully you will like something :)

5x13 - The Song Remains the Same [16x]
J2 - Chicago Con [4x]
J2, Jared Padalecki - SPN promo [2x]
Jensen Ackles - photoshoot [1x]
Julie McNiven - photoshoot [1x]
Mark Pellegrino - photoshoot [4x]



Swing it...All night long...Collapse )
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