"Favourite serial killer..."
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"And who will tell me how it ends and how it all begins..."

Finally back! :D
But I am not sure for how long, LOL.
I have passed my two exams and what's the best way to celebrate than make icons? xD
My muse kicked me pretty hard today, after MONTHS!
So hopefully SOMEONE will like SOMETHING - just a small batch from Dexter:

5x02 - Hello, Bandit
5x10 - In the Beginning [7x]

Screencaps from rawr-caps.net



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Garrett "his hotness" Hedlund :DD
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"I can feel you breathe I can feel your heartbeat faster..."

*waves* Hopefully someone will see this post and watch it...
I kind of outdone myself LOL considering the fact my muse is somewhere, I am not sure where and I am busy with real life :/But I had to make something out of latest episode of Smallville, 'cause I loved this moment ♥♥♥

Nothing super fancy...still learning to make videos xDD

Beware of spoilers for episode 10x05! ;)

Hope you like it...

 J. ♥
Garrett "his hotness" Hedlund :DD
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"And so they say lord, for everything a reason. For every ending a new beginning..."

Just a tiny update, I felt like sharing them...
I hope you'll like something. Somehow textless this time :))

Super_stillness icontest - various seasons [6x]
5x15 - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid [6x]

5x15 screencaps by ina_ami @ true_fellings Thanks! ♥



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SN - pentagram
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"She's my cherry pie, cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise..."

Hey there...long time no see, I know :/
I am back with mix of old icons (made weeks ago, maybe even months, lol) and ones from latest episode :D
I tried some new things (techniques etc...) so hopefully you will like something :)

5x13 - The Song Remains the Same [16x]
J2 - Chicago Con [4x]
J2, Jared Padalecki - SPN promo [2x]
Jensen Ackles - photoshoot [1x]
Julie McNiven - photoshoot [1x]
Mark Pellegrino - photoshoot [4x]



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Garrett "his hotness" Hedlund :DD
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"Move across the night, like a seperate wind..."

I know, I know I am not here...still on hiatus.
I am just posting my first batch of textures...the depression is good for making resources I suppose.
They're probably kind of cr@ppy :)) but I wanted to post them anyway. I've always loved this type of textures, so I played around and tried to create something, made them from my own photography.
If you find them useful or worth it, please credit me. Thanks in advance...or not, it's OK. I won't hunt you down, lol.
I am not sure when or if there will be another batch, will see.


Download over @ box.net


Bye, J.
Garrett "his hotness" Hedlund :DD
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"Follow you heart and nothing else. And you can do this if you try...."

Hi there :)
I am back a bit earlier as I thought. I spent my free afternoon fighting with Photoshop and screencaps xD, hopefully you'll like something...

5x01 - Sympathy for the Devil - icons [1x] and animated banners [4x]
5x03 - Free to be You and Me [11x]



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Screencaps by marishna
Textures by mayush17 and teh_s0njanator @ clouded_sun
Garrett "his hotness" Hedlund :DD
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"You're everything and nothing at the same time. I need you but I don't..."

I hate to do this, but my muse has left the building...in a bad time obviously. All of TV shows are back, but I am not satisfied with my style, everything I create looks like s*it....I need to figure something out, it's really frustrating to be honest. But I hope it won't take me a very long time.
Take a care, see you when I'll have something to post.

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Garrett "his hotness" Hedlund :DD
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"koľkokrát sa ešte narodíme a koľkokrát zomrieme..."

Hi, hi..
Finally back from 3 months long hiatus with batch of various icons I have made trough these past couple of weeks and months. My muse has been on a long long vacation...let's be honest, I have sucked on making them :))
Hopefully the next post here won't be in October, lol.

Jensen Ackles - Asylum Convention 2009 [1x]
Jared Padalecki - photoshoot [3x]
Supernatural promo - season 4 [1x]
Supernatural - various icons from season two and four [5x]
My Bloody Valentine 3D - icons [4x]
Harper's Island  - various icons from whole season [6x]
Maura Tierney - photoshoot  [4x]
Bones icons - season one and four [2x]
Emily Deschanel - phootshoot [1x]



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