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Finally back! :D
But I am not sure for how long, LOL.
I have passed my two exams and what's the best way to celebrate than make icons? xD
My muse kicked me pretty hard today, after MONTHS!
So hopefully SOMEONE will like SOMETHING - just a small batch from Dexter:

5x02 - Hello, Bandit
5x10 - In the Beginning [7x]

Screencaps from rawr-caps.net



"...because this DNA test will clear you and leave you all to me...and to HER. Your time is up."Collapse )
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*waves* Hopefully someone will see this post and watch it...
I kind of outdone myself LOL considering the fact my muse is somewhere, I am not sure where and I am busy with real life :/But I had to make something out of latest episode of Smallville, 'cause I loved this moment ♥♥♥

Nothing super fancy...still learning to make videos xDD

Beware of spoilers for episode 10x05! ;)

Hope you like it...

 J. ♥
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